Getting to know Richard Baker

Getting to know Richard Baker

As part of Division III Week, we are giving our fans the opportunity to learn more about our student-athletes. Let's get to know Richard Baker...

Sport: Swimming

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland

High School: Severna Park High School


When did you start playing your sport and how did you get involved with it?

I started when I was five years old and I got interested when I was put in lessons at three or four years old.

What is your greatest athletic accomplishment?

Finishing in 47.24 seconds in my 100 freestyle race ang getting second in that race at Capital Athletic Conference championships.

What is your favorite competing of playing at Salisbury University?

Coming in second in the 100 freestyle at the CAC championships.

Who is your biggest hero, athletically or otherwise, and why?

My dear old dad, he got me into swimming and is a great role model.

What is your favorite part of being a student (not just a student-athlete) at Salisbury University?

The people I met from being on the team.

What do you like to do when you're not at practice, at a game or in class?


What are your plans after graduation?

Being an accountant.


Rapid Fire

Favorite food: Burrito

Favorite movie/book: South Paw

Dogs or cats: Dog

Go-to song before a big game/event: Internet Friends

Favorite TV show (all time): Sons of Anarchy

Favorite music genre: Hard Rock

Favorite sports team (not Salisbury University): Washington Redskins




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